Access to Employer Secure Messaging

The best way to communicate with the ASRS is through Employer Secure Messaging.  Sending a message through general email provides added security for sending and receiving confidential information. 

Secure messaging allows you to send messages that contain personal identifiable information and is sent through an ASRS secured system and is routed to the appropriate department.

 Sending a secure message also ensures you receive a response in a timely manner.  If you send an email to the ASRS, chances are you will receive a response through secure messaging.  It is very important that all personal identifiable information is protected.

You can access Employer Secure Messaging by logging into your Employer Secure Account and then clicking on “Secure Messages” on the left navigation bar.  Click on Create a New Thread to start a message.  If you don’t have access, contact your Employer Administrator to obtain access to an Employer Secure Account.

Refer to the Employer Secure Messaging Guide for more information regarding this feature.

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