The 411 on Secure Employer Administrators

By Genevieve McBride, ASRS Member Advisory Center Supervisor

Data security and privacy are of utmost importance to the ASRS. This is why we appreciate our ASRS Secure Website Employer Administrators. They play a vital role in ensuring only authorized employer users are accessing the ASRS Secure Employer Website.

ASRS Secure Website Employer Administrators are responsible for the following:


    •          Deactivating employer users when they are no longer authorized to access the site
    •          Preventing employer users from sharing Login IDs and passwords by ensuring each user has their own unique Login ID and password
    •          Monitoring the activity report, which will display the last 60 days of employer user activity

The ASRS Secure Employer Website Administrator Guide is a great resource for helping you fulfill your Employer Administrator duties. The guide provides information on:


    • Registration
    • Adding users
    • Assigning roles
    • Deactivating users
    • Maintaining LTD contacts
    • Maintaining employer addresses
    • Maintaining authorized email domains
    • Accessing the activity report
While all of these are very important functions, one of the most critical responsibilities is ensuring your authorized users are assigned the proper roles. The ASRS receives many inquiries from authorized users asking why they can’t perform a certain function, such as completing an enrollment or an Ending Payroll Verification form, submitting Long Term Disability (LTD) documents, or verifying a retiree has returned to work. The most common reason is because the employer user was not assigned that particular role.

To assist our employer partners, Section 2 of the ASRS Secure Employer Website Administrator Guide walks you through adding employer users while Section 3 guides you through assigning roles to existing users. Section 4 explains how to deactivate users, which is another important responsibility to ensure data security and privacy.


Please Note: Maintaining LTD contacts involves additional steps, which are covered in Sections 5 through 7. As a reminder, there are two types of LTD contacts:

1. An LTD Associate can sign LTD Employer claim packets, discuss claims with Broadspire (phone and email), can login to Broadspire claims system online, receive Monthly Claims Activity Reports, receive all LTD emails, receive approval letters and receive denial letter.

2. An LTD Signer can only sign LTD Employer claim packets and discuss claims with Broadspire (phone and email).

The ASRS Secure Employer Website Administrator Guide can be found, along with other great employer resources, on our Employer Reference Materials page.

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