2023 Employer Basics

Designed specifically for new ASRS employer web users, the Employer Basics will be offered as a quarterly series of 90-minute webinars this year rather than an annual 3-hour online workshop starting in July. 

We took lessons learned from our first live presentations in 2022 and will be offering Basics as a series of interactive webinars rather than a 3-hour-plus online workshop.

Hosted by the Employer Relations Team, in partnership with our Financial Services Division and our Broadspire Long Term Disability representative, the webinars will cover topics such as membership eligibility, enrollment processing, contribution reporting, health insurance premium benefits, long term disability, and hiring retirees, just to name a few. 

We understand that the training required for your roles and responsibilities is a lot of information to absorb in one sitting, and some of the topics covered may not pertain to your role, so this year, you get to decide which topics you want to learn about. Each interactive session will be led by subject matter experts, with opportunities for questions. 

The inaugural Basics series will start Monday, July 10, and run through Friday, July 14. Each day will have two of the same session, one at 9:00 a.m. and the other at 1:00 p.m. You only need to register for one session per day. 

    • Session 1: Membership Eligibility & Enrollments – Learn all about the benefits of ASRS membership, how membership eligibility is determined, who can waive membership, and why completing the enrollment process is so crucial to your employees.
    • Session 2: Compensation & Contribution Reporting – If you have questions on what reportable compensation is, how to make adjustments to contribution summary reports, how to report alternate contributions, or remit late charges, this webinar is for you. We will also cover Termination Incentive Programs and Service Purchase Programs.
    • Session 3: Ending Payroll Verification & Hiring Retirees – For those who have the designated role of Ending Payroll Specialists, this webinar will cover how to complete Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) forms for employees who are retiring or refunding. We will discuss pay types, define “other contributions” and the difference between Termination Date and End of Membership as well as discuss hiring ASRS retirees.
    • Session 4: Health Insurance Premium Benefit – This webinar will cover the health insurance forms that employers are required to submit for the Health Insurance Premium Benefit to be properly disbursed to eligible retirees and LTD members. You will also learn how to access and review the monthly reconciliation report and when forms are needed to change or delete coverage. [Note: This training is not intended for state agency employer partners.]
    • Session 5: Long Term Disability – For those who handle the long term disability (LTD) program for their employer, this session with our LTD administrator will cover in great detail the claim packet requirements, how to submit documents, and how to access the Broadspire portal.

Please note: Employer Basics is separate from the annual Employer Conference we host in the fall, which all employers must attend. You are not required to attend Employer Basics, but if you have new employer web users hired within the last three years who have not yet attended an ASRS Employer Basics webinar, please make sure they register for the Basics sessions that apply to their role. While this training is targeted at new employer web users, those who want refresher training on particular topics are invited to register as well. Registration invitations and instructions will be sent via email and secure messaging in early June.

Written by Genevieve McBride, Employer Relations

Published May 2023

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