2023 Annual Employer Conference

It’s that time again! As an ASRS employer, it is your responsibility to attend the annual ASRS Employer Conference as required by statute. This conference is different from the ASRS Basics for Employers, as it’s a deep, detailed dive into processes and procedures targeted toward new employer users, which some of you may have attended recently. The annual conference is held in the fall of each year to bring you information on any new legislation and administrative rules, current and future enhancements to employer processes, and any audit issues that have come up in the past year that may impact you. 

All topics discussed at the Employer Conference are designed to help you, our partners.  Just like we did last year, we are offering breakout sessions so attendees can customize their conference agenda with topics that pertain to their specific roles or responsibilities. 

This year, we are designating a couple of dates just for state agencies and universities. While the information shared at all the conferences applies to all employers, the webinars designated for state agencies and universities will have slight differences regarding the Health Insurance Premium Benefit program, enrollment, and contribution reporting. The virtual conferences are scheduled from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM beginning September 12th through September 29th for all employers, followed by October 3rd and October 5th for State Agencies & Universities only. For the complete list of dates, check out our event flyer.

The schedule for each day includes a general session for all attendees followed by 4 breakout sessions. The general session will include legislative updates and important updates & reminders from the Employer Relations Team.

This year's breakout sessions:

Supplemental Savings Plans - The Arizona State Retirement System advocates for additional retirement savings to supplement members' ASRS benefits in retirement. Partnering with Nationwide Retirement Solutions, the ASRS oversees a selection of supplemental savings plans that employers can participate in and offer to their employees. Meet with one of our Nationwide representatives to ask questions about the plans you participate in or learn more about these opportunities.

Compensation & Contribution Reporting - Contribution reporting is an important responsibility, and knowing what is and isn't reportable compensation can be confusing. Meet with subject matter experts to answer your questions about what is includable as compensation and what pay type code best fits when completing your contribution summary reports. 

Long Term Disability (LTD) - Barry O'Dowd, Broadspire Account Executive, is back to provide updates and reminders on the Long Term Disability (LTD) plan. If you are an LTD Associate or Signer for your organization, this breakout session is for you.

Health Insurance Premium Benefit (HIPB) Program - For employers who provide a COBRA or retiree health insurance plan for your retired employees or employees on LTD, this breakout session will provide timely updates from subject matter experts on any process changes, who are eligible for the premium benefit, and how to remain in compliance. For state agencies & universities, this session will go over how the HIPB is calculated and applied to those who enroll in ASRS and/or ADOA health insurance or who may be dual retirees with other state retirement systems. 

Hiring Retirees and the Alternate Contribution Rate (ACR) - Does your organization hire ASRS retirees? You can add this breakout session to your schedule to learn more about the Working After Retirement process and when alternate contributions may or may not apply.

To Register:

Registration is now open. Attendees will be required to choose 1 option per Breakout Session when completing registration. Reserve your seat now by logging in to your ASRS employer user account at AzASRS.gov and clicking the “Employer Meeting Registration" link. All sessions are webinar-only. Reservations are required. Sessions will fill up fast!

Written by Genevieve McBride, Employer Relations

Published August 2023

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